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Custom Pre-Fabricated Arch Support (Orthotics)


WORK: Great for people on their feet all day. Can be made slim for dressier work shoes or padded heavily for construction boots.

SPORT: Made to use in an athletic environment. Non-slick top covers can be used to reduce shearing when walking, running, or playing sports. Very effective when stability is a concern.

FASHION/CASUAL: Great for those difficult shoe issues. Provides arch support in an environment where space is at a premium.

DIABETIC/ACCOMMODATIVE: Soft, heavily padded devices specific to diabetic issues. Lesion accommodations, toe fills and other diabetic additions are available. May be covered by your Medicare provider.

GERIATRIC (soft): Heavily padded and flexible devices for the aged foot. Special attention to the heel and ball of foot areas where ageing has compromised the padded areas of the foot.
BRACES/AFOs: Specialty devices for those with frequent high and low ankle sprains or with drop-foot issues and for post-ankle surgery recovery. Call lab for additional info.

CHILDREN'S GAIT PLATES: Check with your pediatrician. For use with severe flat foot issues or in-toe or out-toe walking concerns. Call Lab for additional info. OK TO HAVE PEDIATRICIAN CALL US DIRECTLY! Children's outgrow insurance available.

REFURBISH ANY OROTHOTIC: Don't worry if we didn't make it,  we can refurbish your old devices to make them brand new. We can even improve their performance with slight adjustments. Call us for more information.

Shoe Modification

The Creativity and artistry of pedorthics can be seen in the many ways that shoes can be modified.
The sole can be modified by adding an extension, wedge, flare, stabilizer, extended steel shank or rocker sole. The shoe upper can be stretched, molded or reshaped to aacomodate just about any foot shape or deformity. And in most cases, shoe modifications blend in so well that they are virtually unnoticeable.

Modification Services are as follow:

  1. Lift: Heel, Heel to toe
  2. Wedging: Heel, Heel to Toe
  3. Shanks: None, Standard, Full length (heel to toe)
  4. Flares: Heel, Heel to Toe Heel (medical/lateral)
  5. Rocker Sole: Forefoot Rocker, Double Rocker, Heel to Toe Rocker, Negative Heel.

Proper Shoe Fit

Proper shoe fit is difficult today due to a lack of shoe sizes and widths. In fact, a 1978 study by the American Podiatric Medical Association showed that 60% of consumers had trouble finding shoe that fit. In many cases, Pedorthists recommend P.W. Minor shoes because of the large selection of the foot shapes, sizes and widths they offer in all of their product lines.Women's shoes are available in sizes 3 to 13, and men's shoe sizes range from 4 to 15. Widths range from 2A to 5E.
In sum, P.W. Minor shoes are regularly prescribed by doctors and recommended by pedorthists because they are highly adaptable and offer the features that are crucial to proper shoe fit, including the largest selection of sizes and widths in a variet of foot shapes.
Perfect shoe fit is impossible, according to Dennis Janisse, C.Ped., President of the Pedorthic Footware assocation, Director of Pedorthic Education for P.W. Minor, and internationally renowned pedorthist. Nevertheless, there are certain principles of shoe fitting that pedorthists follow to insure a fit that is as close to perfection as possible. In many cases, properly-fitting shoes mean the difference between someone being able to walk or not walk at all.
To determine proper shoe fit, pedorthists discuss with the patient whether the shoe will be worn during particular activities, such as exercise or work. They also ask whether the patient is active, sedentary, or stands in one position for a long period of time. Nursing-home patients, for example, have different footware needs than factory-line workers.